Couple using tablet computer in the park.

The Booking Craft booking engine brings the following benefits to you, the event organiser:

  •  Accessbility: Your bookings are accessible via your web browser, so you have access anywhere the Internet is available.
  • Availability: Don’t be limited by office hours or having to have someone available to take bookings over the phone. The system can accept bookings for you, online, 24×7.
  • Secure payments: Accept payments as bookings are made. There are a number of payment methods supported, including PayPal (the payment goes to your PayPal account), Realex, Stripe, and Bank transfer.
  • Capacity control: You can specify a capacity for each event, and when reached, further bookings are not accepted. The visitor can choose a different date (if the event has multiple occurrences).
  • Integration with your website: Turn any web page into a booking engine for your events. Just paste in the event booking widget.
  • Facebook Integration: Accept bookings via the Facebook app right on your Facebook page.
  • Smartphone as scanner Smoother check-in: Faster check-in on the day of the event as you have the attendee list already available with their contact details, with no cash handling problems for those attendees.
    The Ticket Scanner app also helps to speed up check-in with its ticket code scanning, validation and upload-to-server functionality.
  • Promotion: Option to promote your event through the Vendexo Affiliate Network and have other website owners show your booking form or referring visitors to you.

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