Online Event Booking System for Theatre and Drama Groups


If you are associated with a theatre or drama group and have responsibility for ticket sales or for the group’s website you will know that the website is a vital part of marketing and promoting the shows put on by the group. You are probably announcing performances on blogs and on social media channels too, drawing visitors to your website where they can discover more about the show.

Let them book online! Good for them and good for you

Now that you have their interest, and hopefully convinced them that they should see a performance, you need to have a booking facility right there on the page they are reading which they can use to make a booking and buy tickets for the show. Your visitors will appreciate being able to buy their tickets online. For them it gives them peace of mind that their place is secure. They don’t have to worry about turning up for the show to find that all of the tickets are sold out. Nor do they have to make a trip into the box office to buy tickets, or call their payment card details out over the phone. They want to buy right away, whether in the middle of the night or early morning, not just when the ticket seller’s office is open, and they want to pay securely.

It’s also good for you, because they are less likely to click away to a different website and forget about your show. You also get an early indication of audience sizes and can take management action accordingly.

Works on all device types

Help them book tickets for your show! Whether they are in the office at their desks using a desktop computer, at home using a smartphone while lying in bed, using a tablet/iPad while in their favourite armchair, or using a laptop computer at the kitchen table. You want a booking system that is easy for your customers to use on all devices.

Features you need

With Booking Craft, you can easily configure multiple recurring performances of your theatrical production, in one or more venues. You can also configure several ticket types, for example: standard (full price), concession, child, etc. You can limit the number of tickets sold to stay within the capacity of your venue. Automatic e-mails can be sent to the customer, to confirm their ticket order, and to the event organiser. It is also possible to send e-tickets to the customer which they can bring along to gain admittance to the event.


Clearly, you want the online event booking system to be affordable. Your theatre/drama group probably cannot afford to pay high prices charged by the major ticketing companies, but then again, you may not need all the esoteric bells and whistles which they offer. Booking Craft is made for theatre and drama groups who want to offer an efficient, secure, easy-to-use booking and ticketing system to their customers/audiences, that is also compatible with what the group can afford to pay.

Turn any web page into a booking form for your shows

Once you have your event set up and the performance dates configured, you can simply copy and paste a couple of lines of code from the control panel onto your web page where you want the booking form to appear.

Here is an example of what that couple of lines can generate when seen in a web browser for a sample theatrical event:

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