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Are you a tour guide? If so, you will be familiar with the challenges of that job:

  • Preparing the content and stories for the various points of interest.
  • Being informative and entertaining at the same time.
  • Keeping your guests awake and interested.
  • Not losing anybody 🙂

and that’s just to mention a few.

Another set of problems is getting the guests in the first place. They have to be aware that your tour exists, so you need to have some way of advertising and promoting it. You need to have a website or web pages listing your tours and describing them in a way which helps the prospective guests determine that this is the right tour for them. Crutially, however, is a way for the prospective guests to book and pay online. Guests don’t want to turn up to discover that the tour is full and then have to replan their day and search for alternatives.

An online tour booking system can help you, the tour guide or tour organiser, to plan the tour, to control capacity and to manage bookings. Before the tour even starts, you’ll have a list of attendees with their contact details and their payments. This also reduces the cash handling headaches on the day of the tour.

The Booking Craft event booking system is a booking engine which enables any web page to show your tour booking form. This can be on your own website or on tourist and event websites related to your area. Here are some of the benefits which this booking engine offers you:

  • The ability to accept bookings and payments 24 x 7
  • If the configured capacity is reached, then the prospective guest will see that they cannot be accommodated and may choose to book on a different day.
  • You can offer different ticket types, e.g. full price, child, concession etc.
  • You can specify optional extras which the guests may like to purchase
  • Tickets can be e-mailed to the guests which they can print at home, and you can add information to these tickets such as directions, a map, advice on what to bring, advertisements for other tours, services and products.
  • Link your tour to a Google Calendar so you and your team can see what is on when and who is attending.
  • Smartphone as scanner Turn your smartphone or tablet computer into a ticket scanner and validator: Faster check-in on the day of the event using the Ticket Scanner app.

This system is about simplifying the booking management, ticketing and payment side of your tour guide business, making it work effectively for you and at an affordable price.

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