Aerial Walk Feature

The Booking Craft booking engine comes with a rich set of features to help you create, manage and sell your events. Features which make the task of booking management easier for you and the booking process simple and convenient for your attendees/customers.

  • Turn any web page into a booking engine for your events. Paste the event booking widget into the page where you want the event description and booking form to appear.
  • Support for one-off and recurring events.
  • Calendar view of scheduled events by day, week and month with indicators of capacity sold, mouse-over details and drill-down capability.
  • Booking details can be exported to a spreadsheet, such as Excel, for further analysis and printed out for attendee administration at the event.
  • Accept payments from your attendees when they book. Many secure payment methods are supported. Payment methods use your account (e.g. your PayPal account) so we don’t delay you getting your money.
  • Support for part-payment (deposits) when booking, with the balance paid later.
  • Events can be connected to Google Calendar to facilitate sharing of event information, times, attendees etc. Google Calendar is updated automatically if the event is changed and as new attendees book.
  • Tickets, complete with barcodes and QR codes can be e-mailed to the attendee for home printing.
  • The e-tickets can also be customized to contain a map with directions to the event, travel/parking advice, information about other events, advertisements etc.
  • Booking details can be sent by e-mail to attendees together with an iCalendar file which e-mail clients can use to add the event to their calendar automatically. This can help reduce no-shows.
  • The Ticket Scanner app can turn your smartphone or tablet computer into a ticket scanner and validator, simplifying and speeding up event admission.
  • The system supports the generation and sale of gift vouchers which can be used to pay for bookings and merchandise. They help your cash flow and can make good birthday, anniversary and Christmas presents.
  • Promotion codes (promo codes, discount coupons) can be created for handing out at trade shows etc. to encourage a visitor to purchase or make a booking online.
  • Quantity discounts can be configured to incentivise up-selling and bulk buying.
  • Early bird discounts can be set up to incentivize people to book early and improve your cash flow.
  • Have your event promoted via the Vendexo Affiliate Network to help fill those bookings using referrals.
  • In addition to event booking, the system can be used to sell merchandise, souvenirs, event photographs etc. providing a way for you to increase revenue.

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